FEBA 35th Anniversary

35 years together

In 2021 FEBA celebrates its 35th anniversary. Since 1986, the organisation contributes to reducing food insecurity in Europe, through food waste prevention and the call for solidarity.

To fulfil this mission, FEBA has fostered the development and creation of a network of Food Banks throughout Europe to save good food from becoming waste and assist charitable organisations providing food to more and more  people in need. 

The cooperation that the Commission has established with FEBA in various forms has proven to be a valuable input to our work both on policy as well as on funding to address poverty and exclusion. […] Your area of activity is fundamental for us and we highly appreciate your contribution.

FAO greatly values the noble work done by FEBA and the collaboration that we have developed with FEBA which has grown considerably over the past few years.

FEBA Anniversary celebration

On 24 September 2021 FEBA invited its members in Brussels to celebrate together the 35th anniversary of the organisation. The day started with a Conference of the Presidents and ended with a Gala Dinner at the Plaza Hotel, with the presence of Bernard Dandrel, founder of the European Food Banks Federation. 

Presidents Conference

The Presidents’ Conference aimed to promote a reflection about the achievements of FEBA in the last 35 years, including the recent COVID-19 challenges, as well as the contribution of the organisation to the future  of Europe. The Board of Directors and the Presidents of discussed and contributed to the definition of our Strategic Plan 2022-2026.

FEBA ambition 2022-2026

01. +10% amount of food redistributed

02. Increase of the ratio persons helped/persons at risk of poverty

03. Raise sufficient funding to support FEBA’s development and assist members in need

04. Promote the use of REACT-EU, ESF+ and other EU funding

05. Federate all existing Food Banks in Europe

06. Promote integrative national representation

07. Adherence to the data collection system

Gala Dinner & Celebration

The Fédération Européenne des Banques Alimentaires – FEBA was established on 23 September 1986 and the act was registered in Brussels. The Bylaws were signed by M. Pierquin, M. Walter and M. Dandrel. On 24 September 2021 FEBA invited M. Bernard Dandrel to the celebration of the 35th Anniversary. 

Our Food Bank members in Europe are collectively delivering 1,636 Kg of food every minute. This is a significant increase compared to 2019 and such increase is mainly due to the pandemic. In these very trying times, Food Banks have responded with additional efforts, dedication, and a very determined sense of purpose.