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Quantifying the impact of European Food Banks

In 2020, FEBA initiated the project “Quantifying the Impact of European Food Banks – From Farm to Fork” aiming to implement an efficient method for data collection and analysis by strengthening the capability of FEBA and its members.


The goal of the project is to foster an accurate impact assessment and, if possible, gather information about the intended and unintended long-term effects produced by the activities of Food Banks at the European level.


In light of this, the online Observatory on Food Donation was launched in October 2020 and since then, FEBA has supported its members in using the entailed data collection platform and continuously improves its technical features. 

Impact of FEBA membership in 2022

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* In some countries such as Estonia, Germany, and the Netherlands, FEBA Members redistribute food not only to other charitable organisations but also provide food directly to end beneficiaries. This is the aggregation of data provided by FEBA Full Members and Associate Members at European level. In the case of Tafel Deutschland e.V., the data for food quantities is based on an estimation.

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