Our Team

FEBA governance is lead by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors. The daily activity is run by the Secretariat.

The General Assembly is composed of delegates from FEBA Full Members. It approves the activity report, the financial accounts and the budget, decides the annual membership fees, and establishes internal rules and regulations. The General Assembly elects the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is composed of 12 Directors, all of whom are coming from FEBA Full Members, with a mandate of 4 years. The Board may be completed by independent Directors proposed by the Board and elected by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors elects the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary of the Board. The Board of Directors nominates the Secretary General who leads the organisation and manages the team.

Jacques Vandenschrik


Lindsay Boswell

Vice President

Tom Hillemans


Pedro Castaños Ruiz


Katarzyna Bielawska

Board Member

Jochen Brühl

Board Member

Paula Victoria Capodistrias

Board Member

Balázs Cseh

Board Member

Veronika Láchová

Board Member

Marco Lucchini

Board Member

Lisa Moon

Board Member

Jozef Mottar

Board Member

Bernard Valluis

Board Member

Iseult Ward

Board Member

The Secretariat is made of employees as well as volunteers and trainees who contribute to the daily activities of the organisation.

Angela Frigo

Secretary General

Filippo Cantù Rajnoldi

Partnerships and Capacity Building Manager

Valentina D’Arrigo

Partnerships and Capacity Building Manager

Cédric Franssen

Finance and Administration Manager

Anna Friederitz

Assistant to the Secretary General

Lilli Renner

Advocacy & Policy Officer

Sofiia Vara

Project Manager – Ukraine crisis

Do you want to join the FEBA Team?

We are currently searching for a Communication Manager (h/f)!