2 million bananas donated to 15 Food Banks belonging to the FESBAL network

Issues such as health and economic difficulties occupy the top positions among Spaniards’ concerns and take on special prominence in a post-pandemic context, where the population has adopted more conscious attitudes towards basic issues such as health or the possibility of accessing nutritious food items. During the Christmas season, the sensitivity towards these issues became even stronger.

Between 12 and 23 December, Plátano de Canarias has been donating two million bananas to fifteen Food Banks associated with Federatión Española de Bancos de Alimentos (FESBAL; FEBA Member in Spain), among others located in Seville, Zaragoza, Madrid, Salamanca, Algeciras, and Melilla.

This donation of bananas will be made thanks to the kilometres covered by the 72,635 participants in the 5 races of the Plátano de Canarias National Running Circuit throughout 2022. However, the support of Plátano de Canarias goes beyond this activity: as part of the collaboration with FESBAL, a total of around 19 million kg of bananas has been donated for the benefit of people in need.

Read the article on the FESBAL website here.

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