40 years Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires!

In 1984, food insecurity became more pressing. On March 13, 1984, Bernard Dandrel read an article published in La Croix entitled “J’ai Faim,” in which Sister Cécile Bigo denounced the scandal of poverty that coincided with the waste of food. From this editorial spark the idea was born of the 1st food aid network in France, based on the model of the American Food Banks, under the impetus of Bernard Dandrel, who would become president and founder of the Food Banks, and 5 associations: the Secours Catholique-Caritas France, Emmaüs France, Fondation de l’Armée du Salut, the CENTRE COROT ENTRAIDE D’AUTEUIL and Fédération de l’Entraide Protestante. Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires are 40 years old.