7th of April – Chişinău, Moldova

After spending the night at the Franciscan seminary in Roman, Gabriel took us to Iasi, at the border with Moldova. Now our journey would proceed with another Food Bank: Banca de Alimente, managed by Igor, a gentle and neat individual born in Chişinău. Igor studied medicine with Oleg, and now they spend most of their time managing the Food Bank.

Igor and Oleg have been working tirelessly since the war broke out. Before the war Chişinău was already home to the highest number of disadvantaged people in Europe and the war has worsened the situation further.

Almost 40% of food was supplied to Moldova from Ukraine before the war, which has placed huge pressure on an already struggling nation.

Life though, is greater than numbers. A blonde woman is tirelessly making food boxes in a hidden corner of the Food Bank warehouse, her name is Luda. She fled from Kyiv, scared, not knowing where to go or what to do, she met a volunteer of Banca de Alimente and was offered a job. “I needed a job, and this allows me not only to work, but to work for my country. I’m so thankful to everyone here.” She burst into tears.