A collaboration that leads to the inauguration of a new van for SIBAHE

On September 13th, SIBAHE – Slovenian Food Bank, organised an event aimed to inaugurate their new refrigerated van which will allow them to recover more and more food and to reach more charitable organisations helping people in need.

The purchase of the vehicle was possible in the context of an international project entitled “FOOD NO WASTE”, which includes the cooperation of national FEBA members from three countries – Hungary, Italy, and Slovenia.

SIBAHE is carrying on its activity together with 46 partner organisations (other charitable and humanitarian organisations), which jointly take care of more than 6,000 people in need (total number of families and individuals), and additionally, SIBAHE provides direct assistance to more than 100 families and more than 40 individuals. SIBAHE works with organisations which are targeting several different groups of people: elderly people, children, homeless, people with disabilities, families, and individuals with low or no income, etc.

The European Food Banks Federation – FEBA, attended the inauguration’s ceremony, witnessing the support for Slovenian Food Bank and bringing not only the values but also the knowledge and experience of the whole network of Food Banks across Europe.