Advancing food loss technologies and policies

FEBA participated in the event “Advancing food loss technologies and policies” organized by in collaboration with Trane Technologies, hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels by the Greens/EFA MEP Rosa d’Amato.

The round table was attended by MEPs (Rosa D’Amato Verdi/ALE, Salvatore De Meo Ppe, Ines Vaider Ppe), member of the European Commission (Alexandra Nikolakopoulou DG Sante) and many others, including FEBA CEO Esteban Arriaga.

The focus of the event was on food loss and waste that occurs during transport, to emphasize efforts to reduce food loss and waste along the global ‘cold chain’. Consumer food waste being only one of many components, efforts should be scaled up when it comes to food waste along the production and processing stages. At the same time food insecurity affects many.

Through combined efforts, technology and the work of Food Banks, food waste could be reduced and those in need helped.