Banca de Alimente in Moldova is on the front line

From the very first days of the crisis in Ukraine, Banca de Alimente in Moldova offered its support to ensure the logistical support to food deliveries. In the initial phase everybody wants to help, but the lack of a mechanism to manage food donations can generate food waste rather than helping those in need.

Banca de Alimente is on the front line working in cooperation with two platforms: the first one is the one of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Republic of Moldova, the second one is the platform of the Municipality of Chisinau.

In Chisinau, a food collection will take place in the whole network of supermarkets.

In addition, Banca de Alimente has already recovered a large quantity of products from retailers and is offering support to some 40 refugee services and facilities.

The pressure continues to mount and now the profile of refugees has changed. They are people who need more assistance.

The humanitarian crisis has led to overcrowding of customs and this diminishes the capacity of charitable organisations to respond.

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