French Food Banks are mobilised in welcoming Ukrainian refugees

The network of Food Banks in France has been mobilized since the beginning of the war in Ukraine to help meet the basic needs of refugees, both in France and in neighbouring countries. At European level, the Fédération Française des Banques Alimentaires, together with the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA), is coordinating emergency assistance to […]

11th of April – Przemysl, Poland and L’viv, Ukraine

Marek, Adrien, Magda and Mariusz, left Olsztyn (North of Poland, when I said it is spelled like Austin, Texas, they didn’t look excited) at 3am to pick us up at 6am in Warsaw. They would have driven the entire day, literally around the clock, to reach Przemysl and, from there, L’viv. our first stop was […]

9th of April – Warsaw, Poland

Early on the morning of April 9th, two friends of Oleg kindly brought us back again to Iasi airport. Over the weekend we would prepare for our visit to L’viv. In Warsaw we met Beata, President of Federacja Polskich Bankow Żywności, the Polish Food Bank. Poland has welcomed more than 3 million fleeing from Ukraine, more […]

8th of April – Slobozia, Moldova and Starocozache, Ukraine

We accompany the food boxes assembled by Luda and the other volunteers to Starocozache, a little cluster of Ukrainian villages, and support their distribution in the communities. Before though, we needed to see two other key places. The first was one of 28 hubs established by the municipality of Chişinău to support the refugee crisis. […]

7th of April – Chişinău, Moldova

After spending the night at the Franciscan seminary in Roman, Gabriel took us to Iasi, at the border with Moldova. Now our journey would proceed with another Food Bank: Banca de Alimente, managed by Igor, a gentle and neat individual born in Chişinău. Igor studied medicine with Oleg, and now they spend most of their time […]

6th of April – Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Early on Wednesday morning, Gabriel, President of Banca pentru Alimente, picked us up, we drove through Romania for 400 kilometres and eventually stop at a warehouse in Roman. Thing is, the warehouse is part of a bigger complex, which includes a kindergarten and a brick factory. The complex is managed by Father Lucian, a tall […]

5th of April – Bucharest, Romania

Once in Bucharest, the astonishment became an even greater emotion, as we physically entered a space where the consequences of war can be felt. We went straight to a former hotel called Casa Alex where the association Inimi Nobile, which means “Noble Heart”, hosts a group of Ukrainian refugees. First thing that came to my […]

Ukraine: Commission welcomes the adoption of its proposals for Cohesion’s Action for Refugees in Europe and for additional flexibility under the 2014-2020 Home Affairs funds

The Commission welcomes today’s adoption by the Council of its proposals for Cohesion’s Action for Refugees in Europe (CARE) and for the 2014-2020 Home Affairs funds, following the European Parliament’s approval. As a result, Member States have the possibility to use remaining funds from cohesion funds of the 2014-2020 programming period to provide emergency support to people […]

Maisto bankas provides extraordinary support to Ukrainian people

Currently, over 37,000 Ukrainian war refugees have registered in Lithuania. Maisto bankas, FEBA Lithuanian member, helps them all by providing food. Due to the urgency and the extraordinary situation, Maisto bankas decided to distribute food cards worth each 115 euros to Ukrainians refugees. In this way they can shop for food in stores by themselves. Already […]