The activity of Kyiv City Charity Foundation “Food Bank” (KCCF) continues: 1,180 tonnes of food since the beginning of the war

This is an update from the Kyiv City Charity Foundation “Food Bank” received on 6 May.  You can read the previous article here.

How has the activity of KCCF changed in the past weeks ?

This week we operated with the same number of volunteers and we received no new financial donations.

In which regions and cities is KCCF operating now?

KCCF is operating constantly in Kyiv and its region, Vinitsa, L’viv, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernovtsy. This week we delivered humanitarian aid to Sumy and Kharkiv.

How much food have you received and delivered since the outbreak of the war?

Since start of the war, we redistributed over 1,180 tonnes of humanitarian aid:

  • 340 tonnes of humanitarian aid received from abroad.
  • More than 840 tonnes received from stores and local producers (585 tonnes of water, 17 tonnes of hygiene products, 15 tonnes of food purchased, 224 tonnes of food donated)

Also, we redistributed non-food products required by military forces. 

Beneficiaries are mostly fled people, medical institutions, military people and territorial defence. We serve around three thousand people daily

What products do you need the most now?

The most needed products are:

  • food – canned products (fish, meat, vegetables, mixed); nuts and dried fruits; dry food (milk, soups, pasta); flour, vegetable oils, any types of grains (rice, oatmeal); hard cheese; other – granulated sugar, tea, coffee, yeast;
  • hygiene products – cleaners (wipes), diapers, detergent, thermal blankets.


What is the most serious and urgent challenge for KCCF right now?

Logistic to be able to have access to the most suffering areas – East and South areas of Ukraine.