Crafting Against Loneliness

Pensioner Poverty often translates to loneliness for many affected individuals. With the initiative ‘Tafel Strengthens Seniors,’ Tafel Deutschland e.V. supports projects within Food Banks that facilitate social participation for older people, pulling them out of isolation. Demonstrating how this can work is the intergenerational crafting at the Tafel Hoyerswerda in Saxony. This projects helps around 1,500 elderly women and men from all over Germany

Through the ‘Tafel Strengthens Seniors’ initiative, Tafel Deutschland e.V. supports projects like crafting in Hoyerswerda, involving Tafeln from all over Germany. As of October 2023, the umbrella organisation has already financially assisted 36 Tafel projects, reaching approximately 1,500 elderly women and men. Additional projects are in the planning stages. During the Christmas season, there is extra funding available for Christmas celebrations and other seasonal initiatives.

‘Tafel Strengthens Seniors’ aims to achieve the following with the supported projects: Retirees who are threatened or affected by poverty should engage in various leisure activities, exchange ideas, and participate in social life with other people.

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