EU CAP Network event: 3rd meeting of the Farm to Fork Forum

On 16 November 2023 the CAP Network, in partnership with the European Commission (DG AGRI), organised its 3rd meeting of the Forum on Best Practices in the Agri-Food Supply Chain in Brussels: Responses to the Cost-of-Living Crisis.

The event was built on discussions around the various ways in which different actors of the agri-food value chain, from producers to consumers, have responded to the cost-of-living crisis. It also addressed the implications of the green and digital transition on the increasing costs and food prices, both in panel discussions and working sessions. An overall trend that could be observed was the drastic rise of food prices and the connected food inflation in the past year. Even though it is currently slowly going down, the increase in food prices will be a topic of concern for the time being, as well as the consequences on consumers, households and purchasing power. In addition to that, a call for more transparency and oversight by relevant competition authorities with regards to food pricing was voiced during the event.