European Commission launches dashboard on food security in the EU

On the occasion of the 2022 EU Agricultural Outlook Conference, the European Commission launched a dashboard based on a range of indicators impacting food security and supply in the EU. Among them are weather and drought events, possible trade restrictions, and development of animal diseases. The dashboard will further display data related to food inflation rates per food typology, the inability to afford specific meals, calories and protein intake, and households’ spending on food, which supports the endeavour to closely monitor food affordability. By setting up the dashboard, the European Commissions delivered on one of the actions anticipated in the Communication on Contingency plan for ensuring food supply and food security in times of crisis adopted in November 2021.

During 2023, regular updates of the dashboard based on input provided by the European food security crisis preparedness and response mechanism (EFSCM) and its sub-group dedicated to the development of the dashboard, of which FEBA is a member, are envisaged.

Read the original article here and explore the dashboard here.

Picture credits: European Commission

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