Exchange of expertise between Banco Alimentare in Italy and Food Bank Albania

Following a request from Food Bank Albania (FBA), FEBA decided to facilitate a skill-sharing session between the member in Italy and Albania. It was a great opportunity for team-building activities between the members. The session took place in Milan from 15 to 16 November 2023. It focused on Banco Alimentare’s role and operational processes as well as offering an excellent opportunity to learn and see the activities of surplus food recovery through active involvement and participation of the Albanian delegation. Thanks to the help of Banco Alimentare della Lombardia, this training session involved many activities like improving the organisational and logistical skills by seeing the operational activities carried out first hand, both at the level of micro-urban logistics (Siticibo Programme) and macro logistics (Banco Alimentare della Lombardia’s warehouse). This training therefore facilitated the transfer of knowledge and skills between FEBA Members: #WeAreFEBA and, together, we’ll try to make a difference.