FEBA EU Working Group Meeting 10 May 2022

15 participants from 10 countries joined the online session of the FEBA EU Working Group on 10 May 2022.

During the 4th meeting of the year, a selection of topics have been discussed, among them:

  • Updates on the Policy paper “Food Donation to prevent food waste: FEBA’s position on the proposal for EU-level food waste reduction targets” that was then released during a stakeholder event organised in collaboration with Global Counsel on 20 May;
  • The results of the survey to gather updates on the FEAD and ESF+ from the members were shared and discussed with the participants, including some proposal regarding what can be done at national and European level to improve the situation;
  • The JRC survey on Food Waste Prevention Initiatives was explained and shared with the members. It aims to collect information on any type of food waste prevention initiative, regardless of its scope and size, in the context of the Impact Assessment to set EU food waste reduction targets
  • The EFSCM Meeting on 4 May was summarised and some interesting data shared and discussed (agricultural prices and food price inflation).
  • Last but not least, FEBA shared the calendar for the period May-June 2022 giving a concise overview on the activities scheduled, the tasks FEBA will carry out and the related opportunities for member organisations.

The next appointment of the FEBA EU Working will be held on 7 June 2022.