FEBA joined EIT Food Missions Roadmapping Workshop in Paris

On 5-6 December 2022, FEBA participated at the EIT Food Missions Roadmapping workshop organised in Paris. The event was structured into three different Missions, namely (1) Healthier Lives through Food, (2)  Net Zero Food System, and (3) Fully Transparent, Resilient, and Fair Food System. 

Together with a broad set of stakeholders from academia, civil society, public entities, and the corporate sector, FEBA joined workshop 3 led by the Queen’s University Belfast. While the objective of the first day was to bring together the visions of the participants in relation to a transparent, resilient, and fair food system and identify key trends and market drivers influencing it, the second day was coined by a deep-dive into different opportunity areas. During this session, FEBA had the chance to engage in a detailed discussion on the impact and feasibility of a food donation system and an anti-food poverty framework, focussing on objectives, enablers, barriers, and long-term goals. Subsequently, the participants of all sub-groups presented their key ideas, covering subjects such as sustainable farming practices, technologies providing information to consumers, true cost accounting of food, and the urban integration of food production. The event was concluded with a cross-mission exchange of outcomes.