FEBA participated in the Nordic Food Waste Summit 2023

What are the best practices for reducing food loss and waste? How can we accelerate the progress and how can Nordic cooperation provide added value for national efforts? These were the main questions steering the Nordic Food Waste Summit in Stockholm on 26 April 2023. The conference brought together experts, politicians, authorities, businesses, and civil society eager to step up actions to prevent food loss and waste across the food system – from farm to fork.

During a variety of panel discussions, practical examples of efforts undertaken by stakeholders representing different sectors of the food supply chain, including production, retail, as well as HORECA and catering, have been shared with the on-side attendees and an audience of around 1,000 online viewers. Moreover, the issue of food waste occurring at the household stage has been addressed, together with creative measures on how to avoid it. Three parallel breakout sessions gave participants the opportunity to focus on three topics: Joint Nordic Action, Industry and consumer behaviour, and Donation. Moderated by Angela Frigo, FEBA Secretary General, the latter session featured a discussion with Jens Jonsson (National Food Bank Coordinator of the Swedish Association of City Missions), Per Christian Rålm (ManagingDirector at Matsentralen Norge; FEBA Member in Norway), and Karin Bildsten (Sustainability Strategist at Axfood) on challenges and opportunities related to surplus food donation.

Picture credits: Lars Dareberg /

A call was issued to all participants to join forces in an attempt to prevent food loss and waste as key aspects to create sustainable food systems for the benefit of our environment, climate, and people.

More information on the event as well as its recording can be found here