FEBA participated in the Food Bank Leadership Institute 2023 in Mexico City

Together with over 280 participants representing Food Bank leaders, social entrepreneurs, global corporate citizens, and experts from more than 50 countries, FEBA attended the Food Bank Leadership Institute (FBLI) 2023 organised by The Global FoodBanking Network in cooperation with Red de Bancos de Alimentos de México (BAMX). Taking place in Mexico City from 20 to 22 March 2023, and following the theme Food Banking in an Age of Volatility, the goal of this global gathering has been to discuss best practices, challenges, and opportunities related to the endeavour of building more resilient food systems.

The great turmoil through the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, closely followed by a global cost-of-living crisis, have caused huge disruption in food systems and supply chains across the world and resulted in many more people turning to Food Banks. This development renders their activities even more important but at the same time, also affects their operations as it became clear during the three days event coined by keynote speeches, panel discussions, and break-out sessions. The diverse programme touched upon a broad variety of topics, such as reducing food loss and waste as an environmental solution, understanding the importance of data, and the role of strong policy in reducing food loss and waste. Moreover, during brief sessions, it was showcased how Food Banks around the world are responding to extreme weather events, natural disasters, civil unrest, and conflict.

The event offered the possibility to connect, exchange experiences, and learn from each other in order to foster the capabilities of Food Banks to prevent food waste and reduce food insecurity as a win-win solution for the people and the planet.

More information about the FBLI 2023 can be found on the dedicated website.