FEBA President joined the press conference of the Ukrainian Food Banks Federation

On 19 May 2023, FEBA President Jacques Vandenschrik joined the press conference of the Ukrainian Food Banks Federation on the topic of the development of the level of food donations in Ukraine. He explained that FEBA launched the campaign #AllTogether4Ukraine with the aim to support its members helping Ukrainians. FEBA supported the establishment of the Ukrainian Food Banks Federation to increase the number of regions covered and provide support with the establishment of a transparent structure and processes in the team. Also, he announced the future visit of FEBA to Ukraine. FEBA and UFBF will do several top-level meetings to ensure the development of the Food Banks in Ukraine.

UFBF proposed to start celebrating the day of the food donor in Ukraine on the 3rd Saturday of May. Previously, this day was dedicated to the day of Europe. They believe that it is important to show gratitude to the donors of food, who provide support to the society.

The representatives of the charitable organisations shared that the work of UFBF, which is continuously supported by FEBA, makes a huge difference. It allowed to provide essential support for Ukrainians in the most affected regions and for Internally Displaced People the majority of which were evacuated from the frontline. They said that the food kits of UFBF are one of the best in Ukraine, and well balanced. People, who received it, were surprised by the high quality and variety of products.