FEBA visited Food Bank Greece in the framework of its project on Data Collection & Digital Transformation

Food Bank Greece is conducting a pilot test that takes FEBA’s project on Data Collection & Digital Transformation to the next level: For the first time, the seven local/regional Food Banks belonging to their network used FEBA’s online Observatory on Food Donation to input their statistics, which are reviewed by the team of Food Bank Greece. The aggregated data then feeds into our statistics at the European level.

To monitor and evaluate the progress and gather relevant feedback, FEBA’s Network Development Coordinator travelled to Athens and was warmly welcomed by the team on 8 and 9 April.  

On the busy agenda were also a warehouse tour and two side visits. The first stop was at a municipality-run free store in Kalyvia Thoriko where end beneficiaries receive a food package once a month that contains food provided by the Athens Food Bank. In addition, they can select toys, books, clothes, and other items.

Following that, the journey was continued to the charity E.G.N.Y.A. which supports people with special needs of all age groups and uses the food received by the Food Bank to prepare nutritious meals. 

In sum, the two days were filled with relevant insights into the Data Collection Pilot Test and interesting updates on the current activities of the Greek Food Bank network.