First anniversary of the partnership between GeoPost/DPDgroup and FEBA

The month of February marks the one-year anniversary of the partnership between GeoPost/DPDgroup and the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA). Together, the partners have been working to reduce food insecurity and prevent food waste. FEBA and GeoPost/DPDgroup share a common interest: support for local communities.

Driven by their mutual goal to prevent food waste while contributing to reducing food insecurity in Europe, GeoPost/DPDgroup and FEBA have joined forces and agreed on different types of support, like in-kind contributions, logistics support and employee engagement such as:

  • Delivery expertise: GeoPost/DPDgroup’s business units are providing parcel deliveries for food, and material, between Food Banks and charity associations for instance
  • Donation: GeoPost/DPDgroup makes an annual financial donation
  • Skills sharing: GeoPost/DPDgroup is supporting the FEBA through the exchange of information and expertise
  • Employee engagement: GeoPost/DPDgroup is participating in certain events or other activities organised by FEBA, and allows its employees to volunteer.

For several years, some of the group’s business units have already initiated partnerships with local Food Banks to provide financial and logistics support, for instance, in Germany, Poland, UK, and Hungary.

“We are very proud of this partnership with FEBA. Our European business units and their employees are willing to contribute, at their own levels, to food waste prevention and food insecurity reduction. They will be able to work more closely with local communities, share time, passion, and skills on meaningful initiatives, and we want to fully support such engagement, both at group and at local level.”

commented Dominique Mamcarz, Sustainability Director at GeoPost/DPDgroup.

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