New Eurostat data on food affordability in Europe in 2022

On 10 July 2023, Eurostat published new EU food affordability statistics for 2022. The data reveal that 8.3% of the EU population struggled to afford a meal, which includes meat, fish or a vegetarian equivalent every second day, compared to 2021, where 7.3% could not afford such a meal. Regarding people at risk of poverty, in 2022 the share at the EU level was 19.7%, indicating a 2.2 percentage point increase in comparison with 2021 (17.5%).

The highest percentage of people living on the brink of poverty and thus unable to afford a quality mean was observed in Bulgaria (44.6%), followed by Romania (43.0%) and Slovakia (40.5%). On the other hand, the lowest percentage was recorded in Ireland (5.0%), followed by Luxembourg (5.1%) and Cyprus (5.6%).

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Graphic source: Eurostat