Food Banks in Romania make first food deliveries to Ukraine

The Food Banks from Cluj, Oradea and Roman in Romania made the first food deliveries in Ukraine this week. The Food Banks which transport it to the border where the Ukrainian army and local charities takes these goods and redistributes them on the Ukrainian territory. 

Updates from the different Food Banks in Romania  

On 2 March Banca pentru Alimente Roman went to Chernivtsi in Ukraine with some food aid to test the customs and see how to further organise the delivery of food across the border in the next days.  

Banca pentru Alimente Cluj set up an online platform together with other NGOs in the Arieș region. People can register and propose different kind of help (hosting Ukrainian refugees, donate goods…). The Food Bank is also collecting food from different suppliers as Lidl and Auchan amongst others, in order to redistribute it in Ukraine.  

Together with Banca pentru Alimente Maramures, Banca pentru Alimente Oradea dropped off 2,300 kg of food donations to the Union of Ukrainians in Romania. Food was loaded and immediately arrived across the border to the authorities dealing with the camps in Ukraine.