Food Waste and Food Donation – Charting Progress and Future Directions

On 12 April the FEBA team attended the event “Food Waste and Food Donation – Charting Progress and Future Directions” at the European Commission.

During the event, Prof. Broad Leib, founder and director of the Harvard Food Law Policy Clinic (FLPC), highlighted key global themes crucial to addressing food waste and promoting food recovery. She shared the presentation of The Global Food Donation Policy Atlas project. The event included the participation of various experts, from academia to the institutions and civil society, shedding light on innovative approaches to food sustainability that hold relevance not only to European policy agendas but also to broader international strategies.

The CEO of European Food Banks Federation, Esteban Arriga spoke about the perspective of civil society working directly on the ground, highlighting the need to support Food Banks in their activities to reduce food waste, fulfilling their environmental mission reminding the audience to not forget the social aspect of the activities of Food Banks.

Professor Beatrice La Porta, Fulbright Schuman Visiting Scholar, Università degli Studi di Palermo shared insights into legal barriers to food waste prevention and food donation.