Food Waste Legislation in Moldova

Moldova adopted the new amendments to Law No. 299 of 03.11.2022 on the prevention of food loss and waste. On Friday, March 22, a legislative initiative in this direction was submitted by Ms. Mariana Cușnir which involves amendments to the Law and the Tax Code. Banca de Alimente (FEBA Member in Moldova) thinks that this will encourage food donation and welcomes the law.

“The level of food waste is very high, that is why we as a state must encourage food donation from businesses to charities, food banks, etc. who in turn distribute the food to people in need. We have a law that is not yet functional, although businesses are open to donations. Our goal is to stimulate corporate operators, that’s why we came up with fiscal stimulus, in this context. The practice of the European Union shows that they work in saving food that is good for human consumption”, Mariana Cucănir, MP, author of the initiative. 

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