From Athens to Bucharest: Food Bank Greece sends 2 trucks of food and hygiene items to help refugees

The Greek Food Bank, as many Food Banks in Europe, decided to support refugees from Ukraine and the Ukrainian Food Bank. Already two shipments of basic food items, baby items and personal hygiene items have been made from Athens to the Food Bank in Bucharest.

As it is extremely dangerous to enter Ukraine, food shipments are destined for neighboring countries, which receive or host thousands of people, families and young children. The food serves the needs of the refugees and – as far as possible – is transported locally, on the other side of the border, to Ukrainian territory.

Gabriel Sescu, President of Federația Băncilor pentru Alimente din România, visited a charity that received the food donated by the Greek Food Bank. What the video here.

The Greek Food Bank thanks all the companies that gave their products for this purpose, while more donations are already on the way to the Food Bank. We stand together!

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