Food Bank Greece inaugurates its 4th Food Bank on the island of Crete

On Tuesday 3 May 2022, the official opening of the Food Bank of Crete, which operates in Heraklion, took place. The new Food Bank will cover the entire island of Crete.

It is the sixth Food Bank established in the country under the guidance of the Athens Food Bank which represents Greece in the Federation of Food Banks Europe (FEBA).

Food that the market cannot absorb, is managed by Food Banks and offered free of charge to selected soup kitchens and institutions with which they cooperate. These items are offered by producers, processors, supermarkets and traders, sensitized to the distribution of goods. The Chalkiadakis supermarket chain has provided support and storage space. These foods meet social needs, while at the same time reducing food waste.

In his speech, the President of the Athens Food Bank, Panagis Vourloumis, stressed, among other things, that “Food Banks save food that, while perfectly suitable to be eaten, is in danger of going to the landfill. They collect them and give them where there is a need. Just like that. And they are extremely effective because they operate locally. Of course, although it seems simple, ultimately it is not. The project needs effort and knowledge and is mainly based on volunteering.

On behalf of the Food Bank of Crete, Mrs. Mary Pachiadaki, expressed the need to create partnerships with institutions and organizations to help the people most in need. “That’s why we appeal to all companies, supermarkets, producers, retailers and farms to respond to our call to make use of the surpluses of their goods,” she added.

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