Long lasting partnership between the Cech Food Banks and PENNY

Thanks to the support of the Czech Ministry of the Environment and the financial contribution of PENNY Czech Republic, 3 new warehouses for regional Food Banks and complex warehouses for a logistics centre and two Food Banks operating in Central Bohemia were purchased in September.

Other projects will be used to reconstruct warehouses in three other regions. Due to the long-term cooperation with the PENNY retail chain, co-financing was ensured in a two-year cycle, i.e. 153,000 euros in 2021 and subsequently with the same amount in 2022.

Thanks to this partnership and the support of the fight against waste by PENNY, the Czech Food Banks can apply for state support for a total amount of 7 million euros.

As a direct result of investments in infrastructure, the Food Banks anticipate an increase in the amount of food saved by more than 30% next year.

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