McCain and FEBA unite for a strategic partnership to incentivise food donation across Europe

As a Canadian family-owned company, leader in prepared potato products with over 50 years of experience and a presence in over 60 countries in Continental Europe, McCain has decided to establish a partnership with the European Food Banks Federation (FEBA).  

Both McCain and FEBA well know the importance that food plays in people’s lives – the power it has to uplift and bring people, families, business, and communities together. 

Guided by the purpose of celebrating real connections through food, McCain has been collaborating with some FEBA Members for years, donating different types of products and involving the supply chain in this awareness and donation process.  

Following these collaborations, FEBA and McCain have signed an agreement aimed to strengthen this strategic partnership and with the goal of preventing food waste while contributing to food insecurity reduction in Europe. 

This partnership will therefore be an opportunity for FEBA Members who are already cooperating to reinforce existing actions and for those where collaboration is not yet active, it will be the lever to create new connections. 

 “For decades, we have proudly established our Operations in rural areas of potato farming. Fully embedded in our Planet Friendly Food Journey, we are committed to support the local communities where we operate and today’ partnership with FEBA is a key opportunity to act collectively. Food donations and employee volunteer work are an integral part of our sustainability roadmap in Continental Europe. Our partnership will allow us to establish links with food banks at European and local levels, to share good practices and to better respond to the needs of the local communities” stated Erwin Pardon, McCain’s Regional President Continental Europe. 

“FEBA’s network of 30 members bringing together over 340 Food Banks provide food to 45,810 charitable organisations helping over 11.8 million people in need across Europe. We are living in a difficult time but we are grateful for the partnership of McCain who step up to support our mission and want to do good and do it well.” said Jacques Vandenschrik, FEBA President.”