Meeting and discussion on sustainability with BILLA/IKI in Prague

In November 2022, FEBA was invited to attend the BILLA CEE sustainability summit in Prague, presenting an overview of food waste and food security to the top management of BILLA CEE and BILLA Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Iki Lithuania. This meeting was part of a joint strategy of raising awareness and strengthening local collaborations so that Food Banks can recover surplus food from BILLA and Iki stores and distribution centres. After assessing the current cooperation and analysing possible improvements, all participants committed to continuing their engagement in pursuing the collaboration in 2023.

The meeting ended by visiting the logistic centre of Česká Federace Potravinových Bank in Prague, where BILLA and Iki managers contributed to the activity of the Food Bank by volunteering to sort good food recovered from BILLA stores.

This was a meaningful way to consolidate BILLA CEE and FEBA partnership which was established in 2021, aiming to reduce food waste by recovering surplus food from the retail chains in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Slovakia.

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