Polish Food Banks increase their activity to help refugees

Due to its border, Poland is welcoming many people escaping Ukraine. Federacja Polskich Banków Żywności, FEBA Full Member, is helping in various ways.

The Polish Food Banks increased the amount of food obtained from regular and new food donors to support people experiencing the effects of the war. They provide food and basic material assistance mainly to refugees in Poland (already 500,000 people for the moment). They also move food assistance to Ukraine. Besides food assistance, the Food Banks are also conducting local activities to support refugees as psychological help, looking for a shelter, etc.

A nationwide fundraising campaign has also been launched with the goal to be able to purchase food and then redistribute it to refugees.

Finally, the Food Banks is putting warehouses at the disposal of the government units as part of local crisis centres.

The main needs of the Polish Food Banks to keep the activity going are financing and transportation.

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