Poverty in Belgium: at this pace, the Food Banks will no longer be able to keep up!

Every month, an average of 204,000 people in need, i.e. 15% more than in December 2021 and almost 2% of the Belgian population, call on the Food Banks. Moreover, high energy and food prices only reinforce this number, and the trend is not expected to reverse in the short term. Unfortunately, the number of donations and gifts is decreasing simultaneously. To sum up, the Food Banks now need all the help they can get.

In order to support thousands of volunteers of the Belgian Food Banks, Julien Lapraille visited this week the regional Banque Alimentaire “Région de Charleroi and Centre”. He also visited a local association “Comme Chez Nous”, which helps many people in need in the Charleroi region thanks to donations from the Food Banks.

Watch here the report of the local TV channel Télésambre here.

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