Statement from FEBA President | Situation in Ukraine

“As you probably well imagine, our Full Member, the Kiev City Charity Foundation “Food Bank” is experiencing a very difficult time as a result of acts of war.

We wish them all the courage to face the present situation and we hope that they and their families will preserve their safety. Our thoughts are with them and hopes for a return to normality as speedy as possible.

One of the consequences of this situation is the inevitable movement of population who flee the attacked country to look for a safe haven.

It appears very clear already that most of the people on exodus have selected the Ukraine’s Western border and this is going to increase tension and pressure on countries such as Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

At FEBA, we are monitoring the situation very closely and are preparing to help our members the best we can.

We will keep you posted on the evolution of this dramatic situation but there will be no doubt that this is an important moment in our history and that every single ounce of solidarity will be mobilised to make sure that our members will be able to address with efficiency and dignity the feeding needs that refugees may require.”

Jacques Vandenschrik,
President of the European Food Banks Federation