Česká Federace Potravinových Bank is covering 70% of food support for refugees but demand is huge

The Food Banks in Czech Republic are covering 70% of food support for refugees in the country, and even 100% in some regions.

In last two weeks, approximately 120,000 refugees were supported with first food help. Prague is the main hotspot (registering place) and is directly connected with Česká Federace Potravinových Bank, the Czech Federation of Food Banks. Market chains are helping with daily fresh food donations there, where 20% of all the coming people are registered, which represents more than 3,000 people every day. In other regions, Food Banks are supplying local registering places and mainly hostels and support services for refuges.

The Czech Federation of Food Banks also purchased food for around 190,000 euros thanks to financial donations, since there was no other possibility to provide food aid. But it won’t be enough. The daily outcome of the Czech Food Banks increased by 110% in the last weeks and they will need to buy more food soon to avoid food shortages. Discussions are ongoing with the Government to try receiving help.

The Czech Federation of Food Banks also wants to thank the Tafeln Team who sent a very valuable truck of food, mainly for children.

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