Adaptability to provide meals to refugees at border crossings in Slovakia

Between the beginning of the war and 13 March, almost 200,000 people had come to Slovakia from Ukraine, 11% of whom had applied for temporary refugee status. Potravinová Banka Slovenska, our Food Bank member in Slovakia is currently focusing all the efforts and assistance on supporting charities that provide meals at border crossings, in refugee centres and at the railway station in Košice.

The Food Bank also supplies food to accommodation facilities, where people accommodate and take care of refugees at their own expenses. From 14 March, two central “hotspots” will be created in the towns of Michalovce and Humenné, where most refugees will gather directly from the border crossings, so they will register, get all the necessary help there and then be sent either to the train / bus station (if they want to continue on the way) or to an accommodation. Potravinová Banka Slovenska also plans on supporting these places with food, unless the state takes full control.

The Food Bank is currently trying to secure food directly to the warehouse of the Ukrainian Food Bank, which is close to Lviv. Some Slovakian charities have already distributed food aid to their partner organizations in Ukraine.

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