The Food Banks in Belgium set the longest Christmas table in the country

There is nothing more pleasant than sitting around a festive table with family and friends. However, for the more than 175,500 Belgians who depend on the food aid provided by the Food Banks every month, it is not always easy. That is why the Belgian Federation of Food Banks, in collaboration with the thousands of volunteers working in the 631 affiliated local associations, organised “the longest Christmas table in the country”.

The Food Banks called on Belgians to make a donation before Christmas and thus add a virtual plate to this festive meal. Volunteers do their utmost to distribute free healthy food to people in need, especially during the dark days of winter. During the festive season, they did their utmost to welcome them in a festive atmosphere.

Since food aid is provided through donations from food companies, supermarkets and fish markets, it is possible that festive ingredients such as salmon or game will be offered during the festive season. If necessary, we buy the food ourselves on an exceptional basis. Thanks to the efforts of our thousands of volunteers, we can offer our fellow citizens a hearty Christmas meal,” explains Jef Mottar, Managing Director of the Belgian Federation of Food Banks.

He adds: “In normal times, many local affiliated associations organise a festive moment for the people they support throughout the year. This year, due to the Covid measures in force, this will unfortunately not be possible. So we hope that this action will help them even more and give them a lift.

170,773 meals were collected for this Christmas action!

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