The impacts of the cost of living crisis on Food Banks’ activities: FEBA contributes to FEANTSA magazine

To raise awareness on the impacts of the cost of living crisis on the daily activities of Food Banks in Europe, FEBA drafted an article published in the winter 2022 issue of the magazine Homeless in Europe with the specific focus on Homelessness and the Cost of Living Crisis, which recently has been released by the non-profit organisation FEANTSA.

The magazine is divided into three sections. While the first is outlining the repercussions of the crisis on the risk of homelessness across the EU and the different forms in which it appears, the second entails snapshots of the situation and its development in the UK, Hungary, and Belgium. The third part zooms out of the national to the European and global perspective, featuring articles on the effects of the energy crisis on the long-term care sector and the consequences of climate change on homelessness. It further includes the article written by FEBA, which  provides an overview of how the pandemic, the Russian war against Ukraine, and inflation has not only affected the ability of Food Banks to secure a sufficient and adequate stock of food, but also led to logistical and financial challenges.

The full magazine can be downloaded here.