Texas Instrument and FEBA collaboration

Texas Instruments (TI) is a multinational company known for its high technology calculators. This year TI has chosen to cooperate with FEBA by encouraging employees to make a donation to FEBA and thereby support our fight against hunger and food waste in Europe. In return, the TI employees not only have the satisfaction to engage with a charitable cause but they also receive the TI Employee “Diversity Cookbook”. The cookbook is a collection of international recipes, all provided by TI employees, aimed at showing the cultural diversity of the company: “With this cookbook, we want to celebrate and raise awareness of the different cultures we have at TI-EMEA  while at the same time supporting those in need” said Jean-François Fau, president TI EMEA.

The campaign will take place during December 2017 for employees in the EMEA region, and will be rolled out to the Americas-region in early 2018.