Celebrating the CHEP – FEBA partnership

Today CHEP has published a press release to communicate the results of our partnership agreement signed in 2016 by former FEBA president, Isabel Jonet and Juan Jose Freijo, Head of Global Sustainability at the Brambles Group. 

For details read the press release here

“Collaborating with FEBA over these two years in the fight against hunger and food waste has been an honour for us. Our business model focusses on eliminating waste in the supply chain, especially when it comes to food. Helping local food banks with our supply chain expertise not only serves FEBA members but also inspires our employees” CHEP Sustainability Director in EMEA, Iñigo Canalejo. 

CHEP uses their knowledge on supply chains to reduce food waste and alleviate hunger. A true win-win partnership FEBA is grateful to be a part of. 

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