Ciano International side by side with European Food Banks

Following the rapid evolution of the COVID-19, the European Commission, under the leadership of President Ursula von der Leyen, is playing a coordinating role helping Member States in their response to the outbreak of the pandemic in Europe.

At the same time, to protect its employees, the European Commission decided to incentivise homeworking and suspended the catering services in its buildings.

Ciano International, an award-winning Italian company, is the catering service responsible for the restaurants and cafeterias of the European Commission Headquarters in Brussels, including at the famous Berlaymont Building.

In this moment of uncertainty, Ciano International contacted the European Food Banks Federation to donate some surplus food to be given to the most deprived.

Ciano International donated 350 kg of perishable food, including dairy products and fruit and vegetables.

In collaboration with the European Food Banks Federation and the Fédération Belge des Banques Alimentaires/Belgische Federatie van Voedselbanken, the food was given to the Banque Alimentaire de Bruxelles-Brabant and it will be redistributed to the people in need.

This donation is not only an act to prevent food waste but a concrete gesture of solidarity in Brussels, right at the hearth of Europe. The European Food Banks Federation warmly thanks Ciano International: by donating surplus food, they are supporting our daily activities but more importantly, they are offering a generous hand to people in need of material assistance in these difficult times. We deeply hope that many other companies will follow this positive example”, said Jacques Vandenschrik, President of FEBA.

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