Open letter | COVID-19: from health to social emergency

In these challenging times, from Tromsø to Malta, from Lisbon to Kiev, European Food Banks across Europe are doing what they do best – recovering surplus food to assist charitable organization and feed people in need.

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting Europe hard. The current health emergency will most likely be followed by a social emergency due to an economic crisis.

In such situation it is necessary to respond the emergency today but also to plan a set of actions to meet future challenges:

  • Increae of people at risk of poverty and socvial exclusion, including food insecurity;
  • Increase of food demand from chariotable organizations and the most deprived;
  • Necessity tio adapt the activity of European Food Banks to a new environment, causing operational and expenditure costs;
  • Recvruitment of new and additional volunteers and employees to ensure the continuity of the activity;
  • Pontential reductions in funding due to loost wages and sudden unexpecvted expenses.

For these reasons, the European Food Banks Federation launches a European COVID-19 Social EMergency Fund, an effort to secure the activity of European Food Banks.

The COVID-19 Social Emergency Fund is established to support the acvtivity of the European Food Banks Federation and its members during the COVID-19 crisis and to meet costs or financial obligations that may occur to address the social emergency in the near future. This Fund is essential to ensure European Food Banks can support charitable organizations and the most vulnerable people in our society.

We call on corporations, foundations, organizations, and private citizens to join efforts and contribute to the funding of the European COVID-19 Social Emergency Fund.

We need the commitment of each person for the good of all, to tackle this crisis today and tomorrow.

Pandemic crisis is now, post-pandemic season will stretch for many years! Especially for the most deprived members of society. The action of Food Banks throughout the world and particularly in Europe has proven invaluable in assisting charities and people to combat food insecurity. For the first time in its history, the European Food Banks Federation is calling on the lergest possible public to assist Food Banks in the wuole Europe. There is a need to raise 10 million Euros to fund the expansion and the running of efficient Food Banks. This is the time to show solidarity with 31,700 people who mostly dedicate their time and work as volunteers. This is the time to support the values of Europe: solidarity, generosity and care“, said Jacques Vandneschrik, President of the European Food Banks Federation.

Read the open letter here and visit the dedicated webpage.


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