Solidarity must continue to be expressed

Due to the current situation and the health emergency linked to COVID-19, the Food Banks in France remain fully operative to help people in precarious situations. Solidarity must continue to be expressed on our territory, including in the most affected areas.

The Food Banks network, present throughout French territory and the French overseas territories, is facing the current situation caused by COVID-19 with professionalism.

The Plans de Continuité d’Activité (PCA) are currently implemented in the most affected territories. Volunteers are putting everything in place to continue collecting food and fresh products, ready to be delivered to partner associations and therefore to people experiencing food insecurity.

In some areas, the recruitment of volunteer resources is underway to ensure effective distribution after the closure of several charitable associations. This is currently the case in Oise where the Food Bank is going to set up a system for preparing packed lunches with the help of volunteers from several partner associations (Secours Catholique, Order of Malta, Red Cross, etc.) and direct deliveries to the Centre Communal d’Action Sociale (CCAS). It is therefore a real expression of solidarity between associations.

Solidarity must continue in all territories in order to continue to help populations in precarious situations to have access to healthy, safe and diversified food.

Do not hesitate to contact your nearest Food Bank if you wish to provide local assistance.

The teams of volunteers are mobilized on a daily basis and are trained to respect the rules and standards in force of hygiene.


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