Increase of beneficiaries for the Malta Food Bank Foundation

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, more people in Malta have difficulties to buy groceries and are now turning to the Food Bank.

The Malta Food Bank Foundation, which is affiliated with the European Food Banks Federation, is based on two main principles: the dignity of the human being and the fight against food waste. Food is collected by the Food Bank and given to NGOs which distribute it to people in need.

In the first nine months of 2020, the Malta Food Bank Foundation in Hamrun distributed enough food products for 250,000 meals.

We look very closely at the dignity of the human being. We should not forget that every person is entitled and has the human right to food. One should not have to beg for food.” said Irene Schembri, Chairperson of the Malta Food Bank Foundation.

Ms Schembri explained that there are various individuals who are turning to the Foundation for food because they are in difficulty because of the COVID-19.

As we know, many people have lost their jobs, in some cases both the man and the woman. We had a family which was completely lost because they used to live a certain luxurious lifestyle, and were doing very well but they suddenly ended up with nothing to eat.

The demand for food aid has increased over the last months, but donations have also increased with one of the largest supermarkets chains donating more than € 5000 worth of food.

Read more and watch a video (in Maltese) here.