Great supply of vegetables and fruits for the Food Banks in the Netherlands

According to Voedselbanken Nederland, due to the corona crisis, there is a 5-10% increase in the people going to the Food Banks. Demand rose sharply, particularly in large cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Fortunately, the supply of fresh and healthy products through the organization “Groente & Fruit Brigade” (Vegetable & Fruit Brigade) is also still growing. The organization has now rescued more than 2 million kilos of fresh fruit and vegetables and delivered them to Food Banks. In 2020, the brigade purchased a truck which turned out to be too small within a year. With the support of the Nature’s Pride Foundation, Fonds 1818 and Voedselbanken Nederland, a new truck could be purchased within two weeks.

Chairman Willem van Prooijen is relieved: “It’s great that this could be arranged so quickly. Right now, fresh fruits and vegetables are so important in the Food Bank packages. We are very grateful to our sponsors.

The rapid growth also means that more volunteers are needed. The brigade is looking for volunteers with an affinity for communication and human resources. If you are interested, take a look here.

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