The activity of FEBA EU Working Group continues

On Friday 9 July 2021 FEBA organised a meeting of the EU Working Group with the participation of 10 representatives from 6 countries.

This session aimed to collect information and share insights about the transition from the FEAD to the REACT-EU initiative and the ESF+in the different Member States, in particular the involvement of partner organisation in the planning and implementation of the national programmes.

Participants also had a discussion about the upcoming FEAD Community Thematic Seminar on ‘Monitoring and outreach of FEAD-funded measures for the most deprived people’, which will take place online on 6-7 September. This meeting will explore how to monitor the impact of FEAD-funded measures on the target groups and end recipients and how to reach out to the most deprived people.

Finally, participants also addressed the topic of the call for applications from private sector organisations launched by the European Commission, with expertise and proven track record in food waste prevention, to re-establish, together with public entities, the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste for its second mandate (2022-2026).

This session of the EU Working Group was a step forward for the exchange of information between different national organisations and an occasion to see the specific challenges and achievements that have been done, including as regards the relationships between FEBA members and public authorities at national level.