Wiener Tafel receives a donation of 45,000 effervescent vitamin tablets

During the current winter months, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as well as spreading cold and flu viruses let many people across Europe suffer from illness and fever. The situation is aggravated through the cost-of-living crisis, which forces especially people with no or low income to take the unbearable decision between heating and eating, resulting in poor diets and compromised immune systems.

This is also the case in Austria, where FEBA’s member Wiener Tafel further reports declining quantities of non-food product donations from the production and retail sector, which translates into an additional burden for people in need. Given that, the donation of an entire pallet of over-the-counter medication, or 45,000 effervescent vitamin tables to be precise, by the company Bayer at the end of December 2022 has been greatly appreciated.

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