Wiener Tafel welcomes the initative of the Austrian Government to support non-profit food distribution to combat poverty with €10 million

On Monday 8 May 2023 the FEBA Member of Austria Wiener Tafel participated in the “Food Summit“ together with experts and the government to discuss measures to fight inflation. The summit had successful outcomes, more specifically, the governing parties have agreed to allocate an additional budget of €10 million  to support non-profit food distribution programs to combat poverty.

Alexandra Gruber, Managing Director of Wiener Tafel: “For almost 25 years we have been working together with hundreds of volunteers to ensure that all people in need have access to appropriate, adequate, healthy and balanced food. I am very pleased that this Food Summit shined the spotlight on more than 500.000 people who due to the current prices do not have the means to afford adequate food. I am even more pleased that the government was able to reach an agreement so quickly. This is a good day for the fight against poverty, but also against food waste in Austria, and will help us in supporting those affected most by inflation.“

The funds made available are to be used in particular for support with logistics and for a digital hub coordinating the transfer of donated food.

Gruber concludes: “The measures adopted today are a great success, and we see them as an appreciation of the work of Tafel and its hundreds of volunteers. However we should not forget to push for structural measures to combat poverty, such as an adjustment of social benefits, unemployment benefits and a basic child allowance.“

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