Food collection in France: to meet the demand, the Food Banks need 3 million additional meals

The Banques Alimentaires have drawn up an assessment of their national collection which took place at the end of November. The total amount of the 2021 “Collecte Nationale” is 10,000 tons, which is the equivalent of 20 million meals. This is 3 million fewer meals than in 2019, during a classic collection outside the crisis.

This year, with an increase in demand of almost 12% in the third quarter, the French Food Banks fear that they will not be able to carry out their mission of fighting food insecurity with serenity.

With, there is still time to participate online

For the second year in a row, donors can support the action of the Food Banks by offering a basket to the most precarious on and thus contribute to the National Collection online. This financial donation will be used to purchase food products. Online donations are open until 15 December!

And for the first time, 5 brands are committed to complementing the donations from the general public and to donating additional products for a varied and balanced food aid.

The Food Banks salute the commitment of the 110,000 volunteers who make possible the logistical and human feat that the National Collection represents. They would also like to thank the generous donors who enable them to offer quality food aid to all people in precarious situations.

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