Together with the European Commission FEBA chairs the 1st meeting of the Food Donation sub-group of the EU Platform Food Losses and Food Waste

On 12 July 2022, FEBA co-chaired the Food Donation subgroup meeting of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste. Anne-Laure Gassin (DG SANTE, European Commission) opened the session, emphasising that EU legislation should not hinder food donation but rather foster it. The floor was then given to FEBA’s Secretary General, Angela Frigo, who stressed the importance of food donation not only to help people in need but also to prevent food waste with spillover effects on food business operators as well as on the planet. In a dedicated intervention, she further elaborated on FEBA’s work on data collection and digital transformation, highlighting the relevance of accurate, reliable, and coherent figures. Fabio Fraticelli (COO, TechSoup Italy) introduced the audience to the Observatory on Food Donation, FEBA’s system to collect and review data from its members. This was followed by presentations of best practices held by Tafel Deutschland e.V., FEBA Member in Germany, and the REWE Group who outlined the benefits of their cooperation. Matsentralen Norge, FEBA Member in Norway  presented the Norwegian model for food waste reduction, focussing on the collaboration of the food industry and public authorities that facilitated the development of a Food Bank network. The floor was then opened for a round of questions, discussing, among others, the need for traceability and transparency when it comes to food donation. To conclude, agenda items for the next meetings in autumn were suggested.

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